EMDR Basic Training

Arapahoe, WY

Part 1: Oct. 2-4
Part 2: Jan. 22-24
This workshop has been approved for 40 CEs

Trainer Jan Schaad is a licensed clinical social worker with many years experience in mental health treatment of individuals and families, who uses best practices for resolving personal and relational patterns. A certified EMDR therapist, Jan has been a clinical consultant since 2004. She teaches EMDR regionally for the EMDR Institute, and nationally for the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance program

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EMDR therapy is guided by the Adaptive Information Processing model which addresses the unprocessed memories that appear to set the basis for a wide range of dysfunction. A number of neurophysiological studies have documented the rapid post treatment EMDR effects. Participants will be required to read the textbook by Francine Shapiro, PhD, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: Basic Principles, Protocols and Procedures (Guilford Press, NY, 2nd Edition, 2001).


Janet de Vries

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