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School Loan Repayment Bill

American Counseling Association alert:

Please Support H.R. 2431, the Mental Health Professionals Workforce Shortage Loan Repayment Act of 2019. U.S. Rep. John Katko (R-NY) unveiled bipartisan legislation that would authorize a loan repayment program for mental health professionals to relieve critical workforce shortages in the number of mental health care providers across the country. The loan repayment program would be for those mental health care providers who commit to working in designated communities with a lack of accessible mental health care. What the bill does

  1. H.R. 2431 incentivizes mental healthcare professionals to practice in underserved communities, improving access to treatment and improving the quality of care.

  2. H.R. 2431 would create a sustainable workforce of therapists, psychologists and counselors who can meet the mental healthcare needs of the nation.

“Beyond stigma reduction and educating loved ones of warning signs and symptoms, we need to ensure we have a reliable workforce to be able to deliver life-saving services to all in need, regardless of ZIP code. There is a national shortage of trained mental health professionals and the California Future Health Workforce Commission has stated that without dramatic policy changes, ‘California will have 41% fewer psychiatrists and 11% fewer psychologists, marriage and family therapists, clinical counselors, and social workers than it will need by 2030.’ “Recognizing this I re-introduced H.R. 2431, the Mental Health Professionals Workforce Shortage Loan Repayment Act of 2019, with my Mental Health Caucus Co-Chair John Katko. This bill would expand the mental health workforce by providing loan reimbursement to mental health professionals who commit to working in underserved areas.” Said Representative Napolitano (D-CA). Click the link below to log in and send your message:

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