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YES House Job Opening - Therapist

  1. Provide each assigned youth and family with individual group and family therapy in the manner and frequency designated in each treatment plan.

  2. Develop, coordinate, and implement the treatment plan with the program coordinator based on the youth and families need.

  3. Document therapeutic treatment goals, progress and completion.

  4. Attend all required meetings, including staff meetings, case reviews, and case planning. Schedule fluctuating to meet needs.

  5. Meet individually with program coordinators to assist with program development and individual treatment issues.

  6. Conduct outreach and aftercare as assigned by the director and provide documentation of contracts.

  7. Ensure the agency’s mission, policies and procedures are followed.

  8. Follow all rules/policies of Youth Emergency Services, Inc.Knowledge Skills and Abilities:

  9. Ability to work closely with other agency departments and outside agencies

  10. Must be able to de-escalate potentially volatile situations

  11. Must be able to effectively manage large groups

  12. Advocacy for youth and families

  13. Good communication skills

  14. Good time management skills

  15. Advanced computer skills

  16. Knowledge of child growth and development

  17. Ability to follow and successfully complete both written and oral directions

  18. Ability to work with people of various personality types

  19. Possess sound emotional judgement

  20. Ability to change as the job changes

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