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EMDR Basic Training in Cheyenne

EMDR Basic Training comes to Cheyenne EMDRIA-approved EMDR training in just 3 months! Have you wanted to get EMDR trained but you didn't want to take almost a year to do it? Found out there could be additional cost for required consultation? Here is a new training format that accomplishes all EMDR training requirements in just 3 months. Attend 3 intensive training weekends (Friday afternoon, and all day Saturday and Sunday) which include lecture, practicum and consultation! Get EMDR trained this summer by trainer Curt Rouanzion, Ph.D., worldwide EMDR Trainer who traveled and trained with Francine Shapiro, Ph.D. (the founder of EMDR). Receive top notch facilitation and consultation by seasoned facilitators and consultants like EMDR-PT co-owner and international trainer Michelle Gottlieb, Psy.D. and others. Receive 57 EMDRIA approved CEs. EMDR is a powerful therapy that can make an incredible difference in your clients’ lives, while also strengthening your practice. Participants will walk away from training with EMDR Professional Training confident in their abilities to heal trauma. Click here to register today! Come to historic Cheyenne Wyoming weekends of May 31st, July 12th, and August 9th 2019. Located at the charming Plains Hotel in downtown Cheyenne Wyoming. Training includes continental breakfast, mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. Stay at the Plains Hotel and enjoy the many shops, restaurants, and live entertainment downtown Cheyenne has to offer. The Plains Hotel

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